imagery into accessories

We design all our fabrics from scratch – resulting in the most unique accessories, inspired by nature and our surroundings. 


The Saz Mifsud woman is one who wants to experience freedom through dress. A powerful femininity emerges from our designs and this represents the powerful women who wear them. 


Starting out as a painter, Saz longed to see the rich colours she’d produce in her artworks on the clothes she wore.

This inspired her. In 2013 she started creating digital collages using her own photographs and paintings. Saz digitally printed her designs onto pure silk and was blown away by the richness of the colourful silks. Once the designs were printed, the silks were beautifully hand-crafted to create a versatile range of accessories and thus a brand was born.


Our products are manufactured by craftspeople who love what they do and work in a happy, safe environment. It is important to question who made your clothes to ensure that humans aren’t suffering for your luxuries.

Let’s create a better fashion industry together. 

industry experts

We partner up with professionals for industry standard manufacturing of the best quality, and invest in research and development to constantly improve our production.

natural fabrics

We source the highest quality natural fabrics we can get our hands on. Natural fabrics do not contain plastics and if taken care of, can last for generations. 


There are many causes close to our hearts. From 2019, for every 20 scarves sold, we have donated a scarf to a woman undergoing treatment that results in hair loss.