The Brand

Saz Mifsud is a Malta based design house focused on the creation of printed silks. The brand was born from the idea that a painting can become a piece of clothing. Painter and designer Saz Mifsud strives to merge the worlds of art and fashion by transferring her paintings and photography to fabrics, which are then hand-sewn into beautiful women’s and men’s accessories. 

Each collection consists of a series of limited edition printed garments including silk scarves and handbags for women and bow ties for men. The designer also creates made-to-measure garments for special occasions.


The Saz Mifsud woman is one that wants to experience freedom through dress. She adores natural fabrics because she feels they give her grace and femininity. Colours range from royal tones of orange, green and purple to subdued shades of brown, gold and yellow, amongst other earthy hues. Therefore the Saz Mifsud woman can either dress up or complement her outfit as she sees fit. Most importantly this woman is of no particular age. Scarves especially, due to their versatility in shape and size, can be shared amongst daughter, mother and grandmother. Her choice of scarf depends on her personality and what part of it she wants to expose to the outside world.


The Saz Mifsud man feels he needs a bit of quirk in his wardrobe. He has enough spots and stripes and desires something more individualistic.

Prints are adapted from the womenswear collection into miniature repetitive patterns, suitable for ties and pocket squares. Custom-made bowties are also available on request. Colours range from bold, sharp hues to softer blues and greys, and many pieces are monochrome, perfect from boosting any outfit from day jacket to wedding suit.