Beauty of Claire

Claire’s beauty is enveloped by pieces of silk from the Saz collection. Our favourite fashion blogger picks her favourites and gives them life in the ways she wears them. What more can we say? Truly graceful, she is a style inspiration.

Photos: Luke Testaferrata Moroni Viani

Pollen's Poetry

This collection explores the concept of using the ephemeral qualities of flowers and plants to inspire silk prints that will last forever. This juxtaposition of themes is what drove certain elements of the collection: clear prints fading into blurred abstractions, bold colours fading into grey hues.

Photos: Kurt Paris

Frida's Dream

A collection inspired by the life and style of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. Her work is imbued with such character through the use of colour, form and subject. This collection explores and interprets the versatility of the painter.  The use of cotton silk, silk chiffon and silk satin give each garment a unique feel. Cotton silk is quite soft yet rigid offering the opportunity for a more structured garment. Silk chiffon is lightweight and translucent, often worn with an undergarment. Silk satin has a beautiful sheen and is most commonly worn when an occasion requires a more elegant dress.

Photos: Jeremy Debattista


Inspired by the shapes and contours of Maltese seashells, this collection shows the transition between winter and summer. Colours were drawn from natural elements – crystals and minerals and range from pastels to bright oranges and subdued purples. This is where the collection gets its name. It encourages any woman to throw off her winter coat and enjoying the warm spring breeze.

Photos: Nicky Scicluna


Growth is a part of the human condition. It is, at times, the result of thought, but will also occur in the absence of it. The things humans produce grow constantly as they are consciously developed. A fragile piece of handmade lace grows slowly as its creator places bobbin atop of bobbin to create each creeping stitch. As it grows, it forms something so thought out, so mathematical, so structured.

In nature, everything grows in a particular way; some abstract, others following a sequence. Looking at the intricate ways in which dandelions and ammonites grow invites the question of how they form such precise sequences and whether they are beautiful because of this. This is what this collection aims to understand and evoke.

Colours have been arranged to suit Autumn shades- ashy blues, wines and a myriad of greens. There is a main motif- the lily, which has been enlarged and placed as a focal point in many scarves. This is juxtaposed with smaller more intricate florals.

Photos: David Zammit