Lion Girl


My surroundings inspire me wherever I am. Over the last year I have travelled back and forth between Malta and New York- two places so different, yet inspiring in their own ways. In New York, I visited some wonderful museums, and found myself enthralled by the works of the German Expressionists, especially Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, whose use of colour and depiction of women is so bold, striking and unusual. 

The other main inspiration is the Maltese natural landscape, a key theme in all my collections. If you look carefully, you will see imagery of trees and freesias in my prints. However, you will also see manmade elements in the form of traditional Maltese door knockers. 

This collection, entitled Lion Girl, is thus a melange of cultures, colours and imagery from two completely different worlds, creating dream-like prints that will inject some fantasy into your wardrobe. “Lion” refers to the lions typically found on Maltese door knockers, whilst “Girl” refers to my interpretation of a girl from one of Kirchner’s paintings. To me the name Lion Girl symbolises a powerful femininity that emerges from both my designs, and the women who wear them.

“The other main inspiration is the Maltese natural landscape, a key theme in all my collections.”

Our products are created by craftspeople who focus on high quality fabrics and beautiful sewing. It is so important that they work in fair and safe conditions. A happy work environment is fundamental in creating a better fashion industry. 

Don’t forget to dry clean your piece for optimum protection! Your colourful journey awaits. 


Photos: Suzi Mifsud