Lutum Hair tie


Treat your hair to one of our silk hair ties. Unlike standard elastic hair ties, silk prevents friction and tension, reducing hair breakage. Our silk hair ties are stylish and gentle on the hair, whilst being a sustainable alternative to disposable elastic ties. Handcrafted in Malta. Print placement may vary slightly between one hair tie and another.

100% silk satin

Elasticated – one size fits all.

Hand wash in cold water with silk detergent.

All hair ties are packed in a beautiful Saz print box.

For this collection, Saz found inspiration in microscopic images of Maltese prehistoric pottery. When viewed under a microscope, pottery fragments display wonderful textures, which in archaeology are formally referred to as fabrics. Saz was not only drawn to their intricate patterns, but felt quite moved holding a piece of pottery created by her country’s indigenous people 7000 years ago. She wanted to link the past with the future by transcribing these textures onto her silks. The silks they are printed on will outlive their maker, just like the pottery fragments before them did, connecting generations through time.

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