A Style to Fall in Love With


It comes as no surprise that one of Odelle’s idols is Audrey Hepburn. As she stands underneath three black and white photographs of the chic actress and philanthropist in a black organza jacket, one can easily draw comparisons between the two’s love for an elegant and minimalist style. And, of course, a knack for a bold statement in their choice of headpieces that emphasise a certain uniqueness.

Indeed it was this original element that first drew Odelle to Saz’s designs. “They’re so unique, so beautiful,” she asserts of the designer’s creations. Odelle’s red headband and matching clutch bag are just a few of her collection of Saz Mifsud items she often finds irresistible.

Speaking about her style, Odelle describes hers as conservative but relaxed. “I’ve got my own style,” she contends and one cannot but agree when one admires the pale blue evening trousers she has paired with her yellow, grey, white, black and beige striped sneakers.

The same can be said for her other eye-catching outfits, such as the gorgeous cream blouse over white trousers, brought alive by a gold bird-print scarf, round, half-rimmed sunglasses and, most importantly, a vibrant, hearty smile.

Odelle is quick to stress how it’s the sunglasses and scarf that really jazz up her outfit. “Saz’s accessories just nail my outfit,” she comments. “I wear her scarves for anything,” she continues noting how she could be going out in the morning to do her shopping or going out in the evening and will dress up her casual outfit with a scarf. “I don’t need to be wearing anything special because Saz’s items make the outfit different.” Odelle is clearly a person who loves fashion and she herself admits that she can’t go out “as if I haven’t looked at myself in the mirror”.

Odelle finds herself so enamoured by Saz’s scarves that she makes an effort to point out that she is wearing one of the designer’s pieces, which she has even given as gifts to friends.

“I don’t need to be wearing anything special because Saz’s items make the outfit different.”

Odelle speaks about her life with refreshing honesty and gratitude. “I lead a relaxed, calm life with my husband, Ernest” she says, adding how the two love to go out to eat together as well as to travel, often to watch a football match or to listen to a concert. They are just back from watching Eric Clapton when we speak.

With five grown-up boys and two grandsons between the two of them, Odelle and Ernest are “lucky to have each other”. Having both been through past marriages, the two, who have been together for 14 years but only got married last year, come with a background of knowing how to make a relationship work.

“He’s my best friend,” she muses of the man she is in love with. “We respect and love each other and are honest with each other.” I ask Odelle what her advice for the younger generation is. “Don’t settle for anything,” she points out. She explains further that while she and Ernest do, of course, have their differences, they come first to each other and are always polite with one another. Odelle is very grateful for what she has and follows the motto ‘united we stand’, commenting that “we just face things together”. “I wish this happiness on everyone,” she says sincerely.

Photos: Tina Mifsud