Your Scarf, Her Scarf – Our First Contributions


For every 20 scarves we sell, we’re donating a headscarf to a woman undergoing treatment that results in hair loss. 

We cannot always control what happens to us and our loved ones. Unfortunately most of us know someone who has a serious illness and part of their treatment means losing their hair. This is so tough for most women to process and experience. We want to do our part to help the beautiful women around us feel glamorous – not just in joyous times but in tough times too.

How? By doing what we do best – infusing a pop of colour into a woman’s life.

This is why for every 20 scarves we sell, we’re donating a head scarf to a woman undergoing treatment. Not purchasing a scarf? We haven’t left you out! All purchases big or small are counted and contribute to our cause.

Our first contributions have been so well received and we are thrilled! The beautiful women pictured in this post, who are currently undergoing treatment, took the time to take some photos and send them to us. We admire their bravery and are also so inspired by their stylish looks. We are sure that they will encourage other women currently going through tough times, to step out, dress up and shine.

We also had the opportunity to visit the breast cancer support group Europa Donna Malta who received our donation with open arms.

Follow this blog each month for updates on the organisations we collaborate with. If you have any organisations you love and you’d like us to donate to, or want to nominate someone in need of one of our silk scarves, just drop us a line by clicking HERE.