Designer reveals dark inspiration behind collection

Emptiness, uncertainty and chaos left a space for Saz Mifsud to fill with possibility. The designer opens up about her new collection, Lacuna.  

Written by Veronica Stivala

Dreamy reflections, moody, blue-lit nights, auburn hues and ochre foliage. Silk designer Saz Mifsud’s latest collection, Lacuna, augurs artistic beauty. The collection, which features silk scarves, headbands, handbags and shawls, boasts aesthetic glamour in-keeping with the designer’s brand. Yet, this time, the designer pieces take their inspiration from a dark time Ms Mifsud went through, one which she is prepared to open up about.

Ms Mifsud, who has been designing silk garments since 2013, was attracted to fashion out of a love of seeing colour on clothes she wore, and translating artwork into clothing. All her fabrics are designed from scratch, resulting in the most unique accessories. “In this case, the present collection came after a very tough time in my life,” confides Ms Mifsud. She adds how it came at a time when she was reflecting a lot on the meaning of things: “what friendship is, what love is, what grief is, what loss is and how blurred the lines can be between one and the other.” Indeed, she goes on to reveal how a large part of this year has seen her reflecting on these things, to the extent that it took over her mind in such an extreme way that, sometimes, all she could do was “sit and reflect”.

Reflection plays a key role in the collection. Indeed, while Lacuna has its origins in a time replete with such strong emotions, it also evokes calm and serenity, the result of an artist confident at facing her feelings yet having the strength and talent to reign them, and filter them out again with grace and reserve. 

Ms Mifsud’s revelations are particularly poignant, certainly, because she opens up about private matters, but all the more so because she is shy. “At times I would just walk and walk and walk,” reveals the designer, as she was “trying to form some semblance of clarity in [her] mind.” Escaping to London and walking along new paths helped her find clarity. Ironically perhaps, she found it in the reflections on the water as she walked along Regent’s Canal. She photographed every reflection she saw. Buildings, trees, boats.

And so Lacuna was born. The Latin word for pond, also defined as an unfilled space, apt perhaps, as she experienced a time in her life in which she felt emptiness, uncertainty and chaos; but also excitement, as it left behind a space filled with possibility.

While Saz Mifsud’s collection may have its origins in difficult times, it is also a testament to hope and aspiration. The myriad of autumnal shades, depicted through varied reflections thus come to mirror warmth and prospect, and to hopefully bring joy to all those who wear them.

Campaign shots by Suzi Mifsud.
Photo of Saz by Jamie Iain Genovese.